2016: Year In Review

With just a few days left days before we bid farewell to 2016 A.D, I’m glad I finally have a blog I can write my one cent thoughts about how my year has been as an artist.

2358Hrs EAT on 31st December 2015 I was in studio, clock is ticking faster than my heartbeats, its all silent, big screen infront of me is brighter than usual, studio lights are off, its all dark outside, my studio manager and director is whispering something to me from a far distance corner, he is rather frustrated "This damn Whatsapp App has crashed and messages arent going through" I remove one of earphone piece and I say to myself 'maybe its because everyone is wishing their friends and families happy new year, just as you're doing' I guess you know that very moment you want to the the first to text your friends and families HAPPY NEW YEAR! but your App isnt co-operating😂, for me I wasnt in the mood, I was carried away by other thoughts, I was far far away. So I put on my earphones and continue to stare at the big screen, my phone resting motionlessly on the table, no ringing, no message notifications, it was on mute, dead silent. Anyway thats not my story for now.

You may wonder what the hell on earth I was doing in studio on a new year's eve and more so what I was staring at but to me I was very eager to not only welcome a new year but welcome a new me, not literary physical me but a new mentally me, rather confusing right? I wanted to re-discover who I was, and just as Mark Twain said "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why." and this was my moment.

Watching Erik Almas tutorial videos on the big screen was a life changing moment, Erik is an amazing photographer and teacher, he showed me the path to self-discovery and finding my own photographic voice and as a popular local Swahili song says "...tenda wenda nenda zako…." [ do good and go your way, dont wait for rewards]. Erik had done his good deeds and left, it was now my turn to make the best out of it and not take the great advice for granted. As the new year clocked in and everyone was jumping up and down in celebration of the new year, a voice inside me could tell me that this was the year of self-discovery, a task that took me months to complete.

This year for sure has been a blessing to me since i've been privileged to explore new places, meet new amazing people, ride on rough roads, team up with new creatives, learnt new stuff and so many other great things I cant keep count.

Just the other day, or months maybe, someone asked for a piece of advice as a photography beginner and for sure one must develop the habit of keen observation, be determined to learn, explore new ideas and be ready to make trials and errors while trying to be a better person. Photography is like the human body, you have to eat quite often so you can get the energy to move on and become stronger. You have to keep shooting to sharpen your skills, meet new challenges and finally get to discover what you like and what you're drawn to emotionally, physically and aesthetically.

The year is now ending and December isn't really a month here in Kenya🇰🇪 but actually a festive season 😊 So I can feel the Christmas mood getting stronger and stronger. As we welcome the new year in a few days, everyone will have a few things to rejoice, few things to regret and others to forget, thats typical of anyone. Remember your 2016 New year resolutions? I guess you do, its now time to make new promises to yourself and push those resolutions to 2017 incase they weren't fulfilled.

I love quiet places, vast landscapes, happy moments and above all beautiful places. Most of the images I shoot throughout the year doesnt end up on my website or online, but once in a while i post such contents here.

I had the priviledge to photograph   Moses Odhiambo   , an extraordinary saxophonist who've dedicated his life to impacting peoples lives through his tool; the Sax. his melodies are irresistible as you walk along Aghakan Walk just outside Java House, Nairobi, Kenya every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. He is such a cool and humble guy besides his amazing talent.

I had the priviledge to photograph Moses Odhiambo , an extraordinary saxophonist who've dedicated his life to impacting peoples lives through his tool; the Sax. his melodies are irresistible as you walk along Aghakan Walk just outside Java House, Nairobi, Kenya every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. He is such a cool and humble guy besides his amazing talent.

To all who've been with us [Pekat Photography] this year and year before, we say thank you wherever you are, lets celebrate this year and we seek your support in the years to come. Lets hope 2017 will the the year of our Lord.

From my 'Film of the year' list is a favorite quote from a 2010 American Revisionist Western film 'True Grit' directed by the Coen brothers ;- 'There is nothing free except the grace of God'

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Welcome to Pekat Photography blog

Hey! Greetings and welcome to my newly created blog. Two years ago i could barely imagine that i will ever become a photographer, leave alone owning a camera, but all that magically happened when i was an undergraduate Film Student, 20 years old at that time. How it all happened is a long story and we can save that for another day.

So it hit in my mind that a time has come to get a camera and start taking pictures and not after so long that my professional photography kicked off, creating pictures that reflected my life, heritage, the things i like and stories I wanted to tell through pictures.

Looking over the past 150 years the art of photography has extensively evolved and its quite evident that we now have more photographers, digital cameras and smartphones than they ever existed before and with billions of imageries being taken or produced over a small period of time. The flipside of this advancement is that everyone is taking beautiful pictures and getting hired becomes pretty hard if you cant have a personal style that prospective clients can relate to, something that they cannot find anywhere else. (Will lecture on this topic and many more relating to Marketing and Discovering photography style in future)

Keep checking the blog for more updates, i'm a cool guy so feel free to share with me your thoughts on the comment section below and dont forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to date with our photography content and news.

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