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Hey! Greetings and welcome to my newly created blog. Two years ago i could barely imagine that i will ever become a photographer, leave alone owning a camera, but all that magically happened when i was an undergraduate Film Student, 20 years old at that time. How it all happened is a long story and we can save that for another day.

So it hit in my mind that a time has come to get a camera and start taking pictures and not after so long that my professional photography kicked off, creating pictures that reflected my life, heritage, the things i like and stories I wanted to tell through pictures.

Looking over the past 150 years the art of photography has extensively evolved and its quite evident that we now have more photographers, digital cameras and smartphones than they ever existed before and with billions of imageries being taken or produced over a small period of time. The flipside of this advancement is that everyone is taking beautiful pictures and getting hired becomes pretty hard if you cant have a personal style that prospective clients can relate to, something that they cannot find anywhere else. (Will lecture on this topic and many more relating to Marketing and Discovering photography style in future)

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by its_kamau