In pre-colonial Kenya a story is told of a saloon built at the heart of an infamous dusty town in the Eastern Frontier District. The small town was inhabited by a group of cowboys, war criminals, gunslingers, petty law offenders and filled with all sorts of vice that anyone could ever imagine. Many, especially strangers and men of God, often referred to the town as “The Dead Town of East End”.

Here’s what we shot:

A “Wanted Poster" that the residents hanged at the entrance of the dusty town. In this town, human life was worth less than a glass of whiskey.

A “Wanted Poster" that the residents hanged at the entrance of the dusty town. In this town, human life was worth less than a glass of whiskey.

To avoid being hunted down, captured or killed on the streets like a dog in broad daylight, they never welcomed strangers to their territory as they were suspected to be bounty hunters or federal officers. Most unlucky strangers never found a way out of the town alive. The town was partly destroyed during the Great War but has since been reconstructed by the remaining descendants of the outlaws who still control the famous bar, “Death City Saloon”, brothels, gun and liquor stores,

Five generations later, a stranger visits the town with a hope to discover the dark history and secrets of the small, infamous town.


The Team...

The Team...

(above) Checking the progress of a vintage gun prop.

View a short video clip I did for the shoot:

Below are some BTS stills from the shoot

Special Thanks to all the production team that helped us achieve this. We’re forever grateful.


Peter Pekat- Producer

Beata Otieno (Ojwa Styling)- Stylist

Kate Waititu (Kanai Beauties) - Makeup Artist

Annerose Njoroge - Makeup Assistant

Peter Irungu- Guest Assistant

Kelestine Amuga- Guest Assitant

Kwach Godwin- Security

Pro Tisa - Gun Props

Isaac- Driver

Location: The Curragh Irish Pub And Bistro 


Alex Kirimi- The Stranger

Njuguna Wacheke - Muska, Poker Guy 1

Stephen Ayako - Yelo, Poker Guy 2

Mathangani Kariuki- Blu, Cowboy

2016: Year In Review

With just a few days left days before we bid farewell to 2016 A.D, I’m glad I finally have a blog I can write my one cent thoughts about how my year has been as an artist.

This year for sure has been a blessing to me since i've been privileged to explore new places, meet new amazing people, ride on rough roads, team up with new creatives, learnt new stuff and so many other great things I cant keep count.

Photography is like the human body, you have to eat quite often so you can get the energy to move on and become stronger. You have to keep shooting to sharpen your skills, meet new challenges and finally get to discover what you like and what you're drawn to emotionally, physically and aesthetically.

I’m glad to have discovered new inspirations from all walks of life, and especially visual artists like Erik Almas, Gregory Crewdson, Julia Fullerton-Batten and many others. I can’t downplay the role motion films have had in my quest for a visual style.

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To all who've been with us [Pekat Photography] this year and year before, we say thank you wherever you are, lets celebrate this year and we seek your support in the years to come. Lets hope 2017 will the the year of our Lord.


by Patrick Kamau