Pekat is a creative company founded by Patrick Kamau and Peter Njoroge, self taught visual artists born and raised in Kenya.

As humans, we all experience the same emotions and go through the same stages of life and as all our stories are inspired by life experiences, on a human level, everyone has one thing or the other to learn from these stories. Most people talk about the African perspective, but really our intention is to continually find new ways to tell stories. It just so happens that we are African, and particularly Kenyan. Hence our stories may appear and sound a certain way, but where we thrive is our ability to marry our inspirations into text, styling and visuals that communicate a singular message.

While there's only one frame to tell a story in photography, we've utilized symbolism, mystery, identity and other technical elements like light, composition and color while borrowing a cinematic approach to the creation of these visuals.


Studio Email:

Studio Tel: +254728 330 709

Personal Tel: +254704 462 605

Studio Address: Nairobi, Kenya

Represented in the USA by AGENT 99 Reps


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